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Air conditioners

Air Conditioners of the highest quality available to manage Castlemaine summers

We have you covered for summer 


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We know how hot a summer in Central Victoria gets, let alone Castlemaine which can sometimes feel like we’re living in a frying pan. High quality air-conditioners that can ease the heat is essential to comfortable living. While we stock many brands, our clients generally choose Panasonic branded models and so you’ll find a wide range to choose from in our showroom. It’s important to accurately calculate the required cooling or heating capacity of your new air conditioner so you choose a model with equal or slightly greater capacity for the room. Most air-conditioners come with a range of automation features to make a more efficient appliance – one of the key aspects you’ll want for your home or office.


Panasonic Air Conditioners

With an exceptional reputation for home and business electronics, Panasonic carries several HVAC (heating ventilation air-cooling) systems. The latest ECONAVI technology features area search, absence recognition, and low activity detection to moderate the temperature according to room use. The new smart sunlight detection feature detects sunlight strength and adjusts cooling energy accordingly.


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Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Air-conditioners are a major supplier of commercial and residential air conditioning products in Australia. With over 50 years of experience in Australia, they have provided a wide range of product options for many of our clients. Not only are they some of the most technologically advanced air conditioners in the market, they provide a variety of functions and user options so we can tailor the best solution for your home. These options include:

  • Wall Spilts Floor
  • Mounted Multi Inverters
  • Ceiling Cassettes
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Under Ceiling

What are the main types of air-conditioning?


Split system

The cooling unit is installed outside with the heated unit (fans) mounted inside. A split system air conditioner is suited to cooling one or more adjoining rooms.


Portable air conditioner

Small, light and mobile, the portable air conditioner is movable from room to room. Portable units have a lower power output (than a split system), and suited to smaller spaces such as apartments and where permanent installation is not permitted.


Evaporative air conditioning

Air is cooled through the evaporation of water, which maintains healthy air moisture and offers an energy efficient alternative to conventional air conditioners. Evaporative coolers are suited to drier areas, normally away from the coast like Castlemaine.


How do I keep my energy costs down?

Whether you buy a heating or a cooling appliance, one for the key challenges is keeping the costs of running the appliance down. From a product perspective, there are two key ways:


Star gazing

Once you’ve worked out what capacity you need, compare the star ratings of models of similar capacity. The more stars, the lower the running costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Note that star ratings are different for heating and cooling.


Demand Response Enabling

Device Cooling and heating accounts for about 38 per cent of an average household’s energy usage and is a huge contributor to peak demand on the grid as well. To help reduce household power consumption, many new air conditioner models now feature DREDs (Demand Response Enabling Devices), also known as PeakSmart. DREDs allow participating energy companies to remotely control the air conditioner in periods of peak electricity demand – usually in high summer when everyone wants to cool their homes – reducing both the strain on the grid and your household power consumption, without greatly affecting the air conditioner’s performance.

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